Shelby County Schools Expands Adult Education Offerings

The Shelby County School District, the Home Builders Association of Alabama, and the Alabama Home Builders Foundation have partnered to offer a carpentry certification program for adults. The eight-week course will meet at the Shelby County College and Career Center from 6 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from October 1 through November 19.

Shelby County students have long been able to earn certification in many courses offered through the College and Career Center. However, offering this type if certification course to adults is new for the Shelby County Schools Career and Technical Education programs.

“The curriculum is being developed so the students have the opportunity to take that in their classes at the College and Career Center and adults are taking advantage of it in the evening program,” said Rene Day, Coordinator of Career and Technical Education, College and Career Planning, and Community Partnerships for Shelby County Schools.  “We’ve never done anything like this before,” said Day. “Our students will be able to walk away with that certificate, but this also helps people who are displaced workers or underemployed workers or unemployed workers.”

The Home Builders Association of Alabama is also excited about the pilot program and its potential to fill a need for skilled workers in the local construction industry. “The goal of this is to better train and get skilled workers out to the construction industry so that we have more qualified people and they are working on the construction site in a safe and constructive way,” said Cathy Brown, President of the Alabama Home Builders Foundation.

The evening course will cover information related to construction site layout, reading blueprints, framing, window and door installation, as well as other interior and exterior construction basics. The course can accommodate 15 adult students, and preference will be given to Shelby County residents. There is no cost for the course, but students will be required to provide a few tools for hands-on portions of the instruction. Those interested in the course should contact Rene Day at, or by phone at 682-5253.

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