Forest Oaks Elementary School to Open January 3, 2014

Forest Oaks Elementary School students will get an additional present when they return from Christmas break – a brand new school.  The new Forest Oaks Elementary School will be completed and ready to open when faculty returns for the second semester on January 3, 2014.  Students will return on January 6.

The move into the facility will take place over the holiday break.  The new Forest Oaks Elementary, which will house students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade, is replacing the former Chelsea Intermediate School.  The vacated Chelsea Intermediate School building will become an extension of Chelsea Middle School, which is located next door.  This will allow school district leaders to plan for additional growth which is expected in the Chelsea community. 

“We are elated about the making the transition into our new school facility.  We are looking forward to creating a nurturing and supportive learning community,” said Principal Resia Brooks.   “This new addition has created a lot of enthusiasm in our community among our students, faculty and parents.  We are especially appreciative of the support of the City of Chelsea and their $500,000 donation to help construct a 7,600 square foot regulation gym, which will be utilized by not only the school, but also the community.”

The opening of the new building was postponed after excessive rainfall caused construction delays.  A new road leading to the school, Hornet Drive, was completed this fall, which gave parents and faculty an additional point of access to the existing Chelsea Intermediate School and helped to improve traffic flow.

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