Vincent High School Students Serve Veterans on Veteran’s Day

Vincent High School ROTC students spent their Veteran's Day helping do yard work for veterans in their community.

Vincent High School students spent their Veteran’s Day helping do yard work for veterans in their community.

On a cool November Monday morning, when many students choose to stay under warm covers and enjoy sleeping in, sixteen students, two parents, and four teachers from Vincent Middle High School reached out to serve veterans in their community.  Students divided up into groups and raked leaves in four local veterans’ yards.

Principal Joel Dixon said he borrowed the idea from his former school, Calera High School, where he spent several years as an assistant principal.

“This is actually an idea I brought with me from my previous school.  With our Veterans’ Day program the next day, allowing our kids the opportunity to do something tangible for our veterans is a good thing,” said Vincent High School Principal Joel Dixon. 

Service is a huge part of the cultural fabric that makes up Vincent schools.  Tracy Lee, who teaches Spanish at the school said one of the lessons the teachers are hoping the students learn is to serve wherever they are in whatever way they can.

“So often it’s the little things, the simple acts of service, that mean so much to others” Ms. Lee said.  

Coach Cory Williams agreed.  “The veterans we spoke with were so appreciative of our kids’ efforts…and the kids were excited to do something for them.  Both groups benefited,”  Williams said.

Major Stan Murrell, Vincent Senior Army Instructor said, “I am continually impressed with the quality of our students, the willingness and enthusiasm to do for others and be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

“It was difficult to get up on my off day, but it was worth it to show gratitude to the men and women who served our country,” said senior Cornell Bonner. 

“The kids were a little sleepy first thing in the morning, but they seemed to have a great time,” added Dixon. “It was our first year doing this project, but we hope to see it grow more and more in the years to come.”

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