Recognition of Students and Staff by City of Montevallo Helping to Build Community Pride

The City of Montevallo leadership has been quite busy in the past few months with recognizing and honoring many of Montevallo’s best and brightest students, as well as staff members at the respective local schools. Since October, Mayor Hollie Cost and the Montevallo City Council have been recognizing students and staff at Montevallo Elementary, Montevallo Middle, and Montevallo High during bi-weekly council meetings. Students are being recognized for exemplary academic achievements, strong leadership qualities, and outstanding character. Staff at each of the three schools are also being recognized on a monthly basis, which has created a buzz of appreciation and excitement among students, parents, school stakeholders, and city leadership. As evidence of increased excitement and interest, Montevallo City Council meetings are now beyond full capacity with students, parents, grandparents, family members, and other proud community members in attendance.

According to local school leadership, the recognition of students and staff members at the local schools has certainly built a bridge for stronger connections between the schools and city leadership.

Dr. Allison Campbell, principal at Montevallo Elementary stated, “Consistent recognition of both our students and staff has revived the pride we have in our schools and our community. Montevallo is a great community with excellent schools – we need to make sure everyone knows! I am so blessed to be associated with such amazing people. The MES staff sincerely cares for one another and, most importantly, puts students first. We are headed in the right direction and I am excited about the things we will accomplish.”

Principal Shelia Lewis at Montevallo Middle added, “This new initiative really helps to build community cohesiveness. Our parents sincerely appreciate the city’s recognition of their children’s achievements.”

Wesley Hester, principal at Montevallo High School, is excited about the possibilities this type of connection creates for the entire community. “This not only creates a stronger connection between the schools and the city of Montevallo, but is also builds pride and synergy throughout the entire community. It’s something in which every member of the Montevallo schools and community can have tremendous pride,” Hester said.

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