2014 Superintendent’s Art Show Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following students and teachers for being selected as winners in the 2014 Shelby County Superintendent’s Art Show.  A selection of these winners, along with other pieces chosen by a panel of judges, are also being sent to the State Superintendent’s Art Show in Montgomery. All Shelby County Superintendent’s Show artwork will be on display during the first two weeks of March at the Central Office in Columbiana.  First place winners in each category and all state winners will be recognized at the March board meeting. 


Category I (all media, mixed media)

K-3 :  1st place – Hope Miller, OMES 3rd grade – Carol Popwell, teacher; 2nd place – Riley Hollabaugh, HLES 2nd grade – Alice Lobell, teacher

4-6: 1st place – Gloria Ortiz, VAIS 4th grade – Sherri Campbell, teacher; 2nd place – Megan Atkinson, HLIS 5h grade – Holly Pryor, teacher

7-8: 1st place – Savannah Brown, CMS 8th grade – Lonnie Moore, teacher; 2nd place – Ethan Crawford, CAMS 8th grade – Katherine Stewart, teacher

9-10: 1st place – Kristen Hamby, CHHS 10th grade – Max Newton, teacher; 2nd place – Kayla Dorough, VMHS 10th grade – Paul Williamson, teacher

11-12: 1st place – Lauren Moody, PHS 11th grade – Kim Harrison, teacher; 2nd place – Adelina Seda, SCHS 12th grade – Laura Alvord, teacher

 Category II (digital artwork, photography)

 K-6: 1st place – Jadlyn Debardlabon, IES 3rd grade – Abigail Weaver, teacher

 7-8: 1st place – Elisa Britton, CHMS 8th grade – Lori Risher, teacher

 9-10: 1st place – Ansley Vanderpool, CHHS 10th grade – Jason Beasley, teacher

 11-12: 1st place – Olivia Black, CHHS 12th grade – Jason Beasley, teacher

State Art Show Submissions

Hope Miller, K-6, Category I, Carol Popwell – teacher

Gloria Ortiz, K-6, Category I, Sherri Campbell – teacher

Savannah Brown, 7-8, Category I, Lonnie Moore – teacher

Ethan Crawford, 7-8, Category I, Katherine Stewart – teacher

Kristen Hamby, 9-10, Category I, Max Newton – teacher

Kayla Dorough, 9-10, Category I, Paul Willamson – teacher

Lauren Moody, 11-12, Category I, Kim Harrison – teacher

Adelina Seda,11-12, Category I, Laura Alvord – teacher

Daniel James, 11-12, Category I, Paul Williamson – teacher

Jasmine Jenkins, 11-12, Category I, Max Newton – teacher

Jadlyn Debardlabon,  K-6, Category II, Abigail Weaver – teacher

Elisa Britton, 7-8, Category II, Lori Risher – teacher

Ansley Vanderpool, 9-10, Category II, Jason Beasley – teacher

Olivia Black, 11-12, Category II, Jason Beasley – teacher

Rogelio Hernandez, 11-12, Category II, Kim Hinds – teacher


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