Health Science Students Practice Body Mechanics

Loading Ambulance 3   CCC Loading Ambulance 1

Students in the Health Sciences Academy at the College and Career Center have been learning the proper use of body mechanics when lifting and moving patients.  The students are part of the Healthcare Foundations class taught by Marcy Campbell and the Emergency Services class taught by Heather High. As part of the lesson, students practiced moving Principal Russ Cofield from a stretcher to a hospital bed and back last Friday.

On Monday, students from the Public Service Academy joined the Health Science students to learn more about loading a stretcher with a “mannequin patient” into an ambulance. Once loaded, students had to secure the stretcher into its locked position inside the ambulance.

On Tuesday, the lessons got tougher as the patient mannequins were placed around campus difficult positions and places to reach.

“This allowed the students to work on their communication and team work standard, as well as the use of proper body mechanics in lifting and moving patients,” said High.

“We want to give a huge thank you to Regional Paramedics Shelby County for allowing us to use their ambulance and stretcher for the past two days,” added High. “Also, James Fucci, a firefighter and paramedic from the Bessemer Fire Department was kind enough to volunteer time on Tuesday to place the mannequins and give an extra hand with the lab around campus.”

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