Oak Mountain Intermediate School Acknowledges Veteran’s Day with Special Activities

OMIS Veteran's Breakfast Family photo OMIS Wall of Recognition and RespectIn order to give students a better understanding of the meaning of Veteran’s Day, teachers and administrators at Oak Mountain Intermediate School wanted to engage their students in activities that would convey the importance of why they were getting a day out of school this week.

Teachers Kyle Henderson and Amy Miller along with others generated the idea of a Wall of Recognition and Respect, to be created by students and their family members. Students, faculty and staff members who had a veteran in their family were given the opportunity to create a paper “brick” for the recognition wall.

“Each brick is a precious, one of a kind acknowledgement of a student’s special family member and that veteran’s service contribution,” said principal Pat LeQuier.

Veterans with a student at OMIS were also invited to come for a complimentary breakfast.

“Among our guests, every branch of the service was represented and it was wonderful to see our veterans interacting with their children and grandchildren,” shared cafeteria manager JoAnn Colvin.

While family members enjoyed breakfast, administrators and teachers circulated, listened to stories and warmly thanked their special guests for their service. The Wall of Recognition and Respect will remain in the school’s cafeteria through next week to give students the opportunity to share the story of their brick with classmates and for teachers to use the wall as a living reference to Veteran’s Day.


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