Montevallo Juniors Participating in Blueprints Program

The junior class at Montevallo High School is involved in the Blueprints program, which is providing them with insight and motivation for planning their future pathways toward college, career, or both.

Both MHS and the University of Montevallo are partnering with the Blueprints program, which is driven by the Alabama Possible group. The program provides opportunities for students at MHS to inquire, discuss, and plan courses of future action as they begin to seriously consider options of higher education and careers. Juniors have been meeting every Tuesday afternoon this fall during their activity period with Blueprints mentors from the University of Montevallo to focus on their future plans. While some students had a course already mapped when the program began, many students’ plans were vague or virtually non-existent.

According to Principal Wesley Hester, the program has been quite helpful and meaningful for students, parents, and teachers at MHS. A significant and noticeable benefit of the program has been the additional focus it has provided for participating students, who have developed a greater understanding of why they need the courses they are taking now and how their current preparation is already supporting their future pathways toward achieving their goals.

Blueprints is just another way we are attempting to connect true meaning and value to the educational experiences we offer our students at MHS,” said Dr. Hester. “As I continuously say, the ‘why we do’ is just as important as the ‘what’ and ‘how’ we do things to best serve our students. Students today, especially high school students, demand a greater understanding of why they need to learn certain concepts and develop certain skills before they truly become motivated to engage in learning experiences and opportunities. With programs such as Blueprints, we can provide that connection to bring more meaning and value to what we do for them at MHS.”

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