Oak Mountain Elementary Student Leads Fundraising Drive for Humane Society

OMES Humane Society 1Oak Mountain Elementary third grader Will Lancaster has always had a heart for animals and helping.  That is why he decided to lead the students at OMES in a drive to collect donations for the Shelby Humane Society.

From January 20-30 students at the school were asked to bring in supplies from the organization’s wish list which is posted on their website.  Students brought in office supplies, cleaning supplies, collars, wire cages, leashes, treats, lots of puppy/kitten food, and monetary donations to pay for medicines.

OMES Human Society 3At the end of the drive over $225 dollars and many boxes of supplies had been contributed by not only the students, but faculty members as well.  On Saturday, January 31Will and his mom delivered the donations to the Humane Society.

OMES Humane Society 4“Maybe I can do this again when I am in fourth grade,” Will said after he saw the huge number of adoptable animals living at the shelter.  “I wish I could take all of them home with me!”

Principal Debbie Horton said when Lancaster first approached her and requested to hold the community outreach project at the school, she had some questions for him.

“He looked me in the eye, had thought through the entire process and had an answer for every organizational question I asked,” Horton said.  “I was so pleased to see how much time and energy this young man dedicated to this service project.  This is one more way OMES students are showing their leadership qualities!”

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