Shelby County Schools Upgrading Technology in Local Schools

Every Shelby County school will soon be getting a new set of Chromebooks or iPads. After having upgraded its regular computer labs last year, the System is now focused on bringing more technology into the classroom for students to use.

Schools with just grades K-3 will get 30 iPad minis each. All other schools will receive 30 14” Chromebooks. The System chose Chromebooks over laptops for the higher grade levels because they are more popular than regular laptops with students and teachers.

“The feedback has been overwhelming. Our students and teachers like the Chromebooks better because they start up faster, hold battery life longer, are lighter weight, and let every student easily log into their account,” said Susan Poling, the Technology Coordinator.

The System’s technology committee also wanted to be sure that students were going to get opportunities to develop their keyboarding skills. By going with a product that has a full keyboard rather than a tablet for the older grade levels students will get the chance to do so over an extended period of time. The System is also in the process of upgrading its schools’ wireless networks, which will make these devices much easier to use in the classroom.  The total order includes 140 iPads and 713 Chromebooks and cost the System a total of $280,000.

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