Shelby County Schools Technology Department Holds Digital Day of Learning

As a follow up to the National Digital Learning Day, Shelby County Schools held a district-wide Digital Day of Learning on Thursday, March 26.  The Shelby County Technology Department offered live, interactive, online webinars throughout the day that were available to all teachers and students.

While the majority of the sessions explored different aspects of Google Apps for Education, others focused on digital tools for younger students. The sessions were all ten minutes or less. Teachers and students were able to participate in just a few, or all fifteen sessions throughout the day.

“The sessions were designed so that a┬áteacher could login to the webinars and using a digital projector and share it with students in the class,” ┬ásaid Technology Program Specialist Lauren Woolley. ┬á “All of these fast, fun, informative online events were designed with students in mind!”

Digital Day of Learning CMS 2Students in Jason Mayfield’s class at Columbiana Middle School watched the webinars and used their own personal technology to follow along and practice the skills they were being taught about Google Apps for Education.

Digital Day of Learning MLES 3In Mindy Kimper’s┬ákindergarten class at Mt Laurel Elementary, the students participated on the session focused on Chatterpix. After watching the webinar students were able to put what they had learned into practice during reading center rotations. Students did their own biographies and book reviews.Digital Day of Learning MLES

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