Montevallo Elementary Holds International Food Festival

MES International Day 3 MES International Day 4Montevallo Elementary School held its first annual International Food Festival Thursday, May 14.  Each grade level was assigned a different country and given the task of presenting it to the school.  The six countries represented were Kenya, India, El Salvador, Mexico, China, and Italy.  Over 30 parents volunteered by preparing authentic food and drinks, dressing in native clothing, and bringing authentic items.

MES International Day 1The students were escorted from one country to another by MES “flight attendants” and received passports whenever they passed through “Customs” in each country.

Many moms from El Salvador prepared pupusas, a delicious Salvadoran dish made of a handmade corn tortilla and filled with cheese and pork, topped with curtido (a cabbage slaw) and salsa.

Mexico served horchata, a traditional Mexican drink made of an almond and rice milk and flavored with sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla.

MES International Day 8The Culinary Department at Montevallo High School contributed by preparing hundreds of outstanding cannolis to be served in Italy and a traditional Chinese noodle dish, Chow Fun, for China.

India served a sweet Indian syrup soaked doughnut hole called Galub Jamun prepared by some gracious parents and Kenya served hot Chai Tea.

In addition to sampling new and exciting foods, the students were able to view a presentation of the various countries, learning songs, phrases, and even counting in the language.

As if that were not enough for one day, student also completed a craft representative of each country.

Montevallo has a diverse population and this festival allowed for the opportunity to celebrate the unique and varied cultures represented by the Montevallo Elementary family.

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