Vincent Elementary Teacher Publishes Book with Her Mother

VES Marlee Clifton-authorA Vincent Elementary School teacher has collaborated with her mother to write and illustrate a new children’s book called “Popsicles and Pickles, Please: The Adventures of Nunky, Bit Bit, and Mac.” 

Marlee Clifton says she writes to color the world for all children – especially those who need a moment in time where their imagination can take them to a place of smiles, dreams, and a feeling of joy one gets from a place where it never rains. The events and characters in the book are based on actual characters in her family, and the creative imagination of her children and niece.

VES Wanda Davis - illustratorMrs. Clifton has always dreamed of authoring a children’s book, while her mother, Wanda A. Davis, an unbelievable artist whose whimsical art sets her apart from any other, has always dreamed of illustrating one.  Together, they gained inspiration for their children’s book from Mrs. Clifton’s two daughters’ and niece’s actual love for popsicles and pickles.  The girls love to eat the two snacks simultaneously every time they visit her parents’ lake house.

“Popsicles and Pickles, Please: The Adventures of Nunky, Bit Bit, and Mac” is a one of a kind children’s book created for reading enjoyment and designed to target educational purposes. Several comprehension skills are addressed including making predictions and inferences; asking and answering questions; recognizing key details; identifying beginning, middle, and end; recognizing extraordinary details in illustrations; and identifying and describing characters, settings, problems and solutions. It is an exciting adventure that teaches important life lessons of sharing and learning to agree.

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  1. I absolutely love the book! I bought 10 copies so I could give some as gifts. Amazing talent by both mother and daughter!

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