Making A Difference: School Board Member Recognition Month

By RANDY FULLER, Superintendent of Shelby County Schools

January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month.  It is a time that is set aside to acknowledge the contributions made by Alabama’s more than 800 local school board members who are charged with governing public education under state law. The theme of this year’s celebration, “Making A Difference,” reflects the heart of our board members who are committed to leadership by ensuring that Shelby County Schools’ students are Prepared for the Journey.

Shelby County Schools’ board members have done a wonderful job working collaboratively with everyone in support of the successful direction of our school system.  Each member is a strong advocate for continuous improvement, community partnerships, collaboration for results, and creating a culture of success.  Their time and effort allows them to make informative decisions on countless complex issues to benefit the students, teachers, and staff of Shelby County Schools.  We are thankful for their personal sacrifices and the amount of time they willingly give for the benefit of others.

AlL 5 of Shelby County Schools’ board members make a difference through their strong and dependable leadership. Our deepest appreciation is extended to President Aubrey Miller, Vice President Peg Hill, Mrs. Jane Hampton, Mr. Kevin Morris, and Mr. Jimmy Bice.

Join us in thanking our school board members during Alabama’s 23rd School Board Member Recognition Month!

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