Oak Mountain Middle School Holds Career Day

Mountain Middle School held a career fair on February 19 that featured over 40 business and governmental organizations from Central Alabama. The highlight for students was a visit from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office featuring the aviation unit’s helicopter. The chopper was piloted by Captain Jeff Hartley and Lieutenant Dennis Blackerby.

IMG_1183Students attended career fair activities throughout the morning in classrooms and in the gym.  They got to hear from career professionals in various fields, including human resources, philanthropy, physical therapy, architecture, engineering, public service, and meteorology just to name a few.

IMG_1222The students then moved outside to the football field to watch the Sheriff’s Department helicopter land on the field. ┬áCaptain Hartley gave a short presentation about the chopper’s features and how it is used by the department to aid in ground operations. ┬áSpecifically, Hartley told the students that the pilots in the helicopter can see things from the air that officers on the ground might not be able to see, such as a suspect hiding behind a house or in a wooded area. ┬áHe also noted that the chopper is often used to aid in traffic patrol.

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