Oak Mountain Elementary Students Learning Robotics from Award-Winning OMMS Teacher

OMMS OMES Robotics 2Students in the gifted education classes at Oak Mountain Elementary are getting a head start on learning about robotics thanks to the Oak Mountain Middle School’s robotics teacher and students.  The OMES students have had the opportunity to work with OMMS robotics instructor Sherri Whitehead, who was recently named the VEX Worlds Robotics Teacher of the Year.

According to Rebecca Austin, OMES Gifted Resource Teacher , Whitehead and her students have given their time and knowledge to share their passion for robotics and technology with the younger students.  The OMES students have learned to construct and program robots for specific tasks and to also problem-solve through challenges.  It has been a learning experience for both the elementary and middle school students, who have serves as peer mentors to the younger students.

“It’s been fun to watch the middle school students work patiently with the elementary students and to see how the younger students look up to them,” Austin said. “The middle school students have been able to break down the lessons, guide the younger students through each step of the process and encourage them to persevere when the task gets tough.”

Whitehead noted that this opportunity has also led to unique leadership opportunities for her students.  The schools are hoping this becomes a new partnership and opens the doors for robotics instruction in the classroom at the elementary school.



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