E³ Engaging Elementary Engineers Event to Be Held December 9 at University of Montevallo


In an effort to provide authentic and engaging STEM experiences for elementary students – Shelby County Schools, AMSTI, and the University of Montevallo are collaborating for the third year to create the E³ Engaging Elementary Engineers experience, formerly known as the Science Festival.

On December 9, 450 students from 28 schools from 7 different school systems will converge on the University of Montevallo campus to engage in hands-on engineering activities that promote critical thinking and teamwork. Students will apply their understanding of STEM concepts to solve, design, and construct engineering projects on-the-spot.

The 2016 E³ challenges will focus on designing safe vehicles and roller coaster structures.  At the competition, participating students will be given materials to design and construct their project. The students will test their creations and receive authentic feedback from University professors and practicing engineers from Honda and other local companies with a vested interest in STEM education.

Each team will also have the opportunity to design and construct an innovative egg drop contraption at their base school to bring to the E³ event. The contraption will need to protect an egg when dropped from a designated area on the University of Montevallo campus.

Students will get to experience engaging STEM activities on a college campus that might help them to think about their own college and career future.

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