Montevallo High School Implements Positive Communication Initiative

Beginning this semester, Montevallo High School began a new initiative that positively impacts students, teachers, and parents.

“Often times, when parents receive a phone call from a school representative, it typically is a result of problems in grades or behavior,” said Principal Brandon Turner. “Montevallo High School seeks to change the narrative in school communication.  Every nine weeks, each teacher is expected to make one positive communication per week.”

Teachers contact parents to praise students for academics, behavior, or any other area where students have either been consistent or improving.  Results have been positive, as parents have enjoyed receiving communication that focuses on encouraging messages about their child.

Additionally, it helps provide a welcoming atmosphere and facilitates more communicative relationships between faculty and parents. Having faculty contact one parent per week may seem small, but in only a nine-weeks timeframe, this practice allowed MHS to positively contact approximately 280 parents.

“We believe this helps our school tremendously, at the cost of only one phone call per week,” Turner said.

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