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The Shelby County School District is implementing a new online registration process for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year using an enrollment program called SchoolMint.


Who will Use SchoolMint Online Forms?

  • Parents of students who are new to the system, including Kindergarten students, will use SchoolMint to enroll their children. (See more detailed Kindergarten information below.)
  • Parents of current students will use SchoolMint to¬†register¬†their children for the next school year.

Will Parents Have to Come to the School to Register/Enroll their Child?

Parents can complete the SchoolMint forms from anywhere, but they will still need to come to their child’s school¬†to bring required documents and pay fees.

Parents should plan to do this during scheduled enrollment/registration events. For more information, see our website at (Registration event dates will be published as they become available.)

What are the Advantages of SchoolMint?

  • Forms can be completed from most any online device*, including smartphones
  • Parents no longer have to print out forms to bring to the school
  • Parents will spend less time at the school Registration events than in past years
  • For returning students, some information will be pre-filled, so that parents can confirm correct information and change outdated information

*SchoolMint is a secure website, however, it is never wise to transmit private information over public Wi-Fi networks such as those found in restaurants or other public spaces.

When can You Start Using SchoolMint?

  • Parents of new Kindergarten students may begin using SchoolMint¬†enrollment¬†forms on March¬†13,¬†2017. Instructions and the link to SchoolMint will be posted on our website.¬† Keep in mind that enrollment forms are for students who are new to our school system only.¬†Parents should not¬†use enrollment forms for returning students.
  • Parents of returning students will receive instructions from their child‚Äôs school in mid-April and can begin using SchoolMint to register their child at that time.
  • Parents of new, enrolling students who will be in grades 1 ‚Äď 12, can begin using the SchoolMint enrollment forms beginning in April.

How can I Find Out More?

Additional emails will be sent to keep you informed as we move through spring. You may also visit our website at Look for the Registration and Enrollment links on our home page.


Kindergarten Enrollment

  1. Before using SchoolMint, check our transportation website to be sure you know which school your child should attend.
  2. Complete the SchoolMint enrollment forms BEFORE coming to the school event. If you are unable to complete the enrollment forms before the school event, schools will have computer stations available for you.
  3. See information below about what to bring to the school.
  1. Plan to attend a Kindergarten Pre-Enrollment event on one of these two days:

April 5th 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

April 6th 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Documents Needed For Student Enrollment
Shelby County Schools

  1. Enrolling parent or legal guardian must present a photo ID.
  2.  Proof of Age (i.e. birth certificate)
  3. ¬†Valid Alabama Immunization Form (referred to as a ‚ÄúBlue¬†Form‚ÄĚ)*
  4.  Proof of Residence РAll parents/legal guardians will be required to provide two of the following current residence verification documents prior to the start of the new school year.
  • Recent Mortgage¬†Statement
  • Property Deed ‚Äď parent/legal guardian must reside full-time in the¬†residence
  • Property Tax Record ‚Äď most recent tax record should indicate this as your primary residence¬†
  • Apartment Lease ‚Äď at the minimum, the parent/legal guardian must be listed as an¬†occupant
  • Recent Utilities ‚Äď power, water or gas bill listed in the name of the parent/legal guardian with service address listed (disconnect notices will not be¬†accepted)
  1. Proof of Custody (if applicable, a copy of the court order must be supplied to the  school)

Social Security Number¬†(voluntary)¬†–¬†Disclosure of your child‚Äôs social security number (SSN) is voluntary. If you elect not to provide¬†an SSN,¬†a temporary identification number will be generated and utilized instead. Your child‚Äôs SSN is being requested for use in conjunction with enrollment in school as provided in Alabama Administrative Code¬†¬ß290-3-1-.02(2)(b)(2). It will be used as a means of identification in the statewide student management system.

* Each student wishing to enroll into Shelby County Schools must present an up-to-date Alabama Certificate of Immunization (COI) or an Alabama medical or religious exemption. All Certificates of Immunization must contain the dates of all vaccines given.


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