E³ Engaging Elementary Engineers Event to Be Held December 11 at University of Montevallo


In an effort to provide authentic and engaging STEM experiences for elementary students – Shelby County Schools, AMSTI, and the University of Montevallo are collaborating for the fifth year to create the Engaging Elementary Engineers experience, formerly known as the Science Festival.

On December 11, 507 students from 37 schools from 10 school systems will converge on the University of Montevallo campus to engage in hands-on engineering activities that promote critical thinking and teamwork. Students will apply their understanding of STEM concepts to solve, design, and construct engineering projects on-the-spot.

This year, there are three brand new E³ challenges for students to test their STEM knowledge.  Wander the Winter Wonderland will test team’s ability to traverse the frozen tundra maze. Equipped with a Sphero and their knowledge of coding, teams will race to see which one reaches base camp the quickest. Students who chose to participate in the Downhill Dash will do so in a mode of transportation that their team will design to safely transport a passenger down multiple inclines. Potential danger lies around every corner for teams that compete in Rescue Apparatus, which will require students to design an apparatus to aide participants who fall victim to the frozen terrain.

E³ takes it to the EGGstreme for the 2018 redesigned egg drop challenge.  Each school will create a device made from recycled materials designed to protect an egg from breaking when ziplining down a 40-foot line and coming to a fast halt.  Success of the apparatus, mass of device, and number of items used will all be a factor in winning this competition.

Official sponsors of the 2018 event are Spire, Alabama Power, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, and the Shelby County Schools Education Foundation.

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