Week of September 21-25

Hopefully your student brought home their packet concerning our Inventions Project! My students seem really excited about researching their invention of choice and I cannot wait to see the fruits of their efforts! Remember, the due date for the Inventions Project is Friday, October 2nd!

Monday: Complete coverage of Inventions Project
Chapter 19, Section 3 – An Age of Big Business

Tuesday: Chapter 19, Section 3 – An Age of Big Business
Guided Reading 19-3 (complete)
Chapter 19, Section 4 – Industrial Workers
Guided Reading 19-4 (complete)

Wednesday: Computer Lab for research on Inventions Project
HOMEWORK: Study for test on Chapter 19!!

Thursday: Test on Chapter 19
Begin Chapter 20 – Toward an Urban America

Friday: Chapter 20, Section 1 – The New Immigrants

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