Week of October 13 – 16

Wow! Can you believe the 1st nine weeks has come and gone? The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as students settled into their new routines here at HMS. And there is no indication that things will slow down as the football season is still in full swing and the holidays are right around the corner. (Yes parents, the “C” word is quickly approaching!) However, we will continue our exploration of the American Journey with these activities for the current week:

Tuesday, October 13th
Revisit Chapter 21, Section 3 to anchor student understanding
Class discussion about the characteristics of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency
Graphic Organizer to give visualization of Roosevelt’s position as trustbuster & arbitrator

Wednesday, October 14th
Revisit Chapter 21, Section 4 to establish student understanding of exclusion of immigrants in reform
Identification of progressive reform efforts
Identification of minorities excluded from progressive reform efforts

Thursday, October 15th
Chapter 23, World War I
Preview of the factors that lead to World War I
Introduction of vocabulary for Chapter 23:
nationalism, ethnic group, militarism, alliance system, entente, balance of power, propaganda,
autocracy, convoy, front, armistice

Friday, October 16th
PowerUps Quiz #4 – this quiz will cover 3 weeks worth of PowerUps
Sept 28th – Oct 2nd
Oct 5th – Oct 9th
Oct 13th – Oct 16th
Chapter 23, Section 1 – chunking activity with students reading “Troubles in Europe” and
“Crisis in the Balkans”

Have a terrific weekend, enjoy the fall weather and your favorite football team!!

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