Week of October 19 – 23

Monday, October 19th
Chapter 23, World War I
Continue preview of the factors that lead to World War I
Vocabulary for Chapter 23:
nationalism, ethnic group, militarism, alliance system, entente, balance of power, propaganda, autocracy, convoy, front, armistice

Tuesday, October 20th
Chapter 23, Section 1
Collaborative group discussions of
“Troubles in Europe” and “Crisis in the Balkans”
define the following vocabulary words:
nationalism, ethnic groups, militarism

Wednesday, October 21st
Chapter 23, Section 1
Comparing & Contrasting Alliances
PowerPoint presentation: A World War Begins
complete Guided Reading 23-1 in class
define the following vocabulary words:
alliance system, entente, balance of power

Thursday, October 22nd
Map of Europe in World War I, 1914
student identification of Triple Alliance and
Triple Entente countries in 1914

Friday, October 23rd
Chapter 23, Section 2 “America’s Road to War”
Class Reading & Discussion of how America was
drawn into World War I despite previous neutrality
Students to complete notes from whiteboard
Interpretation of Line Graphs

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