Week of September 20-24

Inventions! Inventions! Inventions!
This week our classes will consist of exploring a vast array of inventions. Our starting point will be the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when it seemed everyone was an “inventor” of something.

Students received an Invention Project Sheet today in class and were assigned to a group of 4 classmates. Wednesday & Thursday will be spent doing research on the invention of their choice during class. We will use the laptops from the media center here in the classroom to conduct our research.

Friday will be spent constructing our final project. Each group of students will be responsible for bringing a posterboard, markers, colored pencils & scissors to class. I have glue sticks here in class that students brought in at the first of the school year. Each group will complete their final presentation and turn it in before leaving class on Friday.

Students should not have homework this week as we are working on this assignment in class. The only item students may need for parents to provide is a piece of posterboard. Students may also print pictures of their inventions on a home printer if they would like, however time and resources are available in the HMS Media Center.

Students: Remember to bring your new flashdrives to class to save your work!

Monday, September 20: Student completion of Ch 15 Study Guide
Tuesday, September 21: Review & revision of study guide
Wednesday, September 22: Test on Chapter 15, Sections 1, 2, 3
Thursday, September 23: Ch 15-4, “Air Quality”; students will brainstorm ways in which to improve air quality
Friday, September 24: Students will respond to the writing prompt, “How can we as a society improve air quality in our neighborhood?”

Have a great weekend!!

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