Scholars’ Bowl for Tuesday, September 28th

Students and Parents!
Our first Scholars’ Bowl match will be played tomorrow, Tuesday, September 28th, at Mountain Brook Jr High School! We have a great group of parents who have volunteered to get our teams to the match! Please make sure you are there by 4:30/4:45pm to pick your student up!
Driving directions can be found on our wiki page at this address:
Check us out!!

Week of September 27 – October 1

    MONDAY, September 27

SOCIAL STUDIES: no homework
SCIENCE: Chapter 16, Section 1 Assessment, all questions, a, b, and c

    TUESDAY, September 28

SOCIAL STUDIES: define all key terms for Ch 19-3, pg. 567; also define all key terms for Ch 19-4, pg. 572; this will be for a grade
SCIENCE: no homework

    WEDNESDAY, September 29

SOCIAL STUDIES: review study guide for Chapter 19 quiz on Thursday
SCIENCE: no homework

    THURSDAY, September 30

SOCIAL STUDIES: Quiz on Chapter 19; define all key terms for Ch 20, Sections 1, 2, 3 in class; finish these for homework if not finished in class
SCIENCE: no homework

    FRIDAY, October 1

SOCIAL STUDIES: Guided Reading Ch 20-1
SCIENCE: no homework

We will have our first 9-Weeks test next week! Students may look ahead to Chapter 22 for next week!
Have a great weekend!!!