Scholars’ Bowl for Week of January 31

It’s finally here!! Scholars’ Bowl County Tournament for 6th Grade will be held this week at the Shelby County Instructional Services Center (SCISC)! This Thursday, February 3rd, our team will compete with other 6th grade Scholars’ Bowl teams from around the county. Parents are welcome to attend and watch our matches! Students should report directly to the Shelby County Instructional Services Center in Alabaster on Thursday morning at 7:30am. After a short welcome, we will proceed directly to our first match which will be against Vincent! Parents, I will have copies of our schedule for the day to give to you. Everyone breaks for lunch at 1:15pm. I’ll need a parent volunteer to run and grab us pizza from Little Cesear’s (which is already paid for) as we will have lunch on-site in their lunchroom area. Students, make sure you bring any drinks you may want for lunch or other snacks. The awards ceremony will commence at 1:45pm in the auditorium. Once we grab our 1st place trophies (HMS, we’re the BEST!!), students are free to go! We do not have to return to school!

I have forwarded a list of Scholars’ Bowl Team members to our attendance clerk as this is an excused absence for your Scholars’ Bowl student.

If you did not get a letter home concerning our county tournament, PLEASE email me at and I will send another copy home with your child! If you know your child will not be in attendance at our tournament, please let me know so I can relate that to our attendance clerk and so we won’t wait on your student before beginning our first match.

Good luck 6th grade team!! You guys rock!!

Week of January 31-February 4

“Operation Overlord, D-Day, was the beginning of the end of the war” is our favorite quote concerning the battles we studied last week. This week, our focus of study will turn to The Battle of the Bulge, V-E Day, and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagaski (Chapter 26-4).

Vocabulary Packets are due Wednesday, February 2nd!! This is a 100 point assignment. Students were given this packet last Friday so they would have the weekend to work on it. Please check the progress your student is making on this assignment.

Monday, January 31st…….work on Vocabulary Packet

Tuesday, February 1st……work on Vocabulary Packet

Wednesday, February 2nd……Vocabulary Packet due!!! no homework

Thursday, February 3rd…….Vocabulary test on all Chapter 26 Key Terms
(this should be in your SS notebook!)

Friday, February 4th……no homework

World War II Exam will be Wednesday, February 9th !!!!!!!
Students will receive a study guide on Thursday, February 3rd.

Remember our motto: Work hard!!