Weekend of October 1 & 2

Can you believe the end of the first nine weeks is already here? As I posted earlier this week, next week is “Exam Week” on the Green Team at HMS. In an effort to give my students plenty of time to prepare for this exam, I went ahead and gave students their comprehensive study guides on Friday, Sept 30th. I told students to work on the study guide a section or two at a time so they could work through each set of problems and make sure they understand the skill each section covers. I do not want anyone rushing through the study guide! (Study guide will be due on Wednesday, October 5th………Math nine weeks exam on Friday, October 7th).

We are continuing to work in our unit on decimals. Friday we discussed how to verbally pronouce what our eyes see on paper. We also explored how to write decimals in standard form, expanded form, and written form. This is not as simple as it seems for many students. I did give students homework practicing their skills on this topic and I will take it for a grade on Monday. It could be that we have a very short homework assignment on decimals on Monday & Tuesday evening. Once again, I tell my students I will never send them into a big test without lots of “practice” just as a football coach would never send his players into a big game without lots of practice either!

Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend!!

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!