Week of January 21-25

Welcome back after your long weekend! We’ve got a long stretch ahead of us until Spring Break but I know Green Team students are up to the challenge! Make sure to stay healthy and come to school each day! We have tons of new material to explore together!

Because of our late start last Friday, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period did not have an opportunity to take our big Ratios, Rates, and Measurements Test. Many students in 7th and 8th periods did not finish the test so Tuesday will be spent wrapping up our test. Wednesday will bring the beginning of a new unit on Percents, Sales Tax and Tips. This is always a fun unit for the students as they can directly apply the math to things they deal with everyday.

Monday, January 21st……..No School; Martin Luther King Jr. Bday
Tuesday, January 22nd…….no homework due to test
Wednesday, January 23rd……Lesson 8-7 Percents Top & Bottom worksheet
Lesson 8-7 Top & Bottom HW for 1-23-2013
Thursday, January 24th…….Skills Practice Percents t-chart; convert percents into decimals & fractions on a t-chart for each problem
Skills Practice Percents t-chart HW for 1-24-2013
Friday, January 25th………none

The parade in Tuscaloosa last weekend was awesome!!! Enjoy your weekend and Roll Tide!!!!