Friday, April 11th

Once again, students spent the class period working on their skills calculating area of various figures. Today’s focus was triangles & trapezoids. Students were given a fair amount of classwork (CW). Whatever problems were not completed in class need to be finished for homework. I understand that Friday homework is not the norm, but with so many days missed due to inclement weather, we sometimes have to toughen up & buckle down and attend to the task at hand. Thank you for supporting your student as they work so diligently!

Area of Trapezoids (back) CW into HW 4-11-2014
Area of Triangles (front) CW into HW 4-11-2014
Area of Triangles (back) CW into HW 4-11-2014

Thursday, April 10th

We are pulling all these skills on area & perimeter together today & tomorrow in an effort to prepare for our Big Area & Perimeter Test next Tuesday, April 15th!

Students worked today focusing on calculating area of trapezoids & parallelograms. Classwork was given and I worked with students to ensure they understood the formulas and procedures for determining these areas. Any work not finished in class became homework.

Skills Practice Area of Parallelograms HW for 4-10-2014
Area of Trapezoids FRONT ONLY HW for 4-10-2014

Tuesday, April 8th

Our focus of study today was calculating the area of trapezoids. The formula for area of trapezoids is

A = h (b1 + b2)/2

Students learned that the parallel lines in the trapezoid will be identified as base 1 and base 2. I do expect students to write the formula on each problem to aid memorization of the formula. When we have our big test on area & perimeter, students will be expected to know the formulas for the test.

Skills Practice Area of Trapezoids HW for 4-8-2014

Global Scholar testing for Math placement

On Thursday & Friday of this week, all Blue Team students will take the Global Scholar test for math in an effort to determine math placements for 7th grade.

Please remember!!!!! This test is only one SMALL portion of many components used to determine whether a student will be placed in an advanced math class next year. There are multiple factors considered in the formula for determining math placements in 7th grade.

Because of so many missed days for inclement weather this sememster, the Global Scholar assessment will be given during students’ Social Students classes on Thursday & Friday of this week.

Monday, April 7th

Students were given 10/15 minutes at the beginning of each period to complete & check over their classwork on area of triangles. We checked answers together as a class and then I took this assignment up in order to assign it a grade. Students should get this back in the next day or so.

The other portion of our time in class today was spent reviewing & making test corrections to the Big Percentages Test we took 2 weeks ago. Student scores were lower than I would have liked, so in an effort to bolster their grades, I am allowing students to make test corrections on scratch paper (staple it onto the back of your test) and turn those in to me tomorrow. I am allowing students to earn back 2 points for every accurate test correction they make. Students & parents, please make sure those corretions are on the scratch paper as I will not look at the test again, only the scratch paper they staple onto the back.

Big Percentages Test corrections on scratch paper (staple the corrections to the very back of your test)

Friday, April 4th

Students began learning and calculating the area of triangles today! The formula for triangles is very similiar to that of parallelograms:

A = b x h/2 (area = base x height divided by 2)

Everyone worked together today to ensure understanding & accuracy. Our classwork assignment also had a back to it which most students were able to get through independently. I will take this assignment up on Monday, April 7th, for a classwork grade from Friday. Both sides of the assignment will be graded! (So if you didn’t get through with the back side, finish it over the weekend!!)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 3rd

In an effort to ensure the understanding & accuracy of my students, every class worked together today to complete exercises on perimeter & area.

The 2-sided worksheet indicated below is exactly what my students completed together today in class. I will take this assignment up tomorrow for a grade. We worked most all problems together, however some of the easier perimeter problems I left for them to complete independently. The more complex perimeter problems were worked together to ensure each student’s understanding. It is my belief that all students were attentive and worked collaboratively with me throughout the class period.

As you will note, I have offered 3 bonus points on the perimeter worksheet for those students who want to earn extra credit!

Homework Practice Perimeter of a Comp Figure
Area of Squares, Rectangles, Parallelograms (back)

Tuesday, April 1st

Students learned to calculate the area of parallelograms today in class. Students added this formula to their chart in their math notebook: A = b x h
For tonight’s homework, students will not only calculate the area of a parallelogram, they are also asked to find the perimeter of each parallelogram as well (hint…..add up all the sides!).

Area and Perimeter of Parallelograms HW for 4-1-2014