Thursday, May 31st

First, Second, Third Period
Students continued with additional Measures of Central Tendency, specifically median, mode, and range. Students took a large amount of notes in their math notebook today so everyone should have the steps to determine median, mode, and range.

2 assignments for homework tonight for First, Second, and Third Periods
Skills Practice Median, Mode, Range HW for 5-1-2014
Homework Practice Median, Mode, Range HW for 5-1-2014

Seventh and Eighth Period
Students in our afternoon classes learned the process for calculating the mean (or average) of a data set. Remember: find the sum of all the data, then divide by the number of pieces of data. Make sure to identify your answer as the mean.

Homework for Seventh & Eighth Periods
Homework Practice Mean HW for 5-1-2014