Monday, August 31st & Scholars’ Bowl Tryouts

Students continued on with their study of Divisibility Rules today. Many notes were taken in class as well as examples of how to apply each rule. I have uploaded the video we used in class to learn each rule.

DivisabilityRules Powerpoint

I encouraged students to take their math notebooks home with them in an effort to correctly apply each rule as they complete their homework. Please help your student to remember to bring their math notebook back to class tomorrow! We use it daily and it would present such a challenge for a student not to have it in class!

Homework for tonight consists of properly applying the Divisibility Rules to a series of numbers.

Divisibility Rules HW for 8-31-2015

Scholars’ Bowl Tryouts begin Tuesday morning, September 1st, and Wednesday morning, September 2nd, in my classroom, A111, at 7:00am!  If you know a lot about a lot of different things, random trivia and such, please come on out and tryout for our Sixth Grade Scholars’ Bowl team!

See you in the morning!