Monday, January 25th

Our focus of study today moved on to Ratio Tables! Students practiced how to populate a ratio table using one of two methods:

Method 1:  Find a relationship and extend the pattern

Method 2:  Find a direct relationship and apply that relationship to both the top and bottom of the ratio table.

We worked examples from the textbook (Chapter 3, Section 2-A) together as a class (Animations & Personal Tutors). Your student received a letter home within the last 2 weeks with very simple directions on how to set up their electronic textbook at home. In case your student lost their letter, here’s another copy of it with my Redemption Code. Every student uses the same code but once you register, your student will have their own personal Username & Password. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you write both these items down & keep them where your student can readily find them to login to their electronic textbook!

Electronic Textbook Redemption Letter & Code


Textbook, pg. 166, #1-2 and #5-8

Textbook pg. 166 #1-2 and #5-8

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