Tuesday, April 4th

We are continuing to calculate the area of composite figures during our PowerUps each day. While composite figures may or may not be recognizable, students have learned that they can “break” the figure up into smaller pieces that they DO know how to calculate. Once these smaller pieces are calculated, just add all the pieces back together to get the total area of the figure!

In addition to the above skill, students studied how to determine the faces, edges and vertices of figures today. Here are the notes they took down in class:

FACE – any flat surface

EDGE- formed by two faces of a figure sharing a side

VERTEX (singular) VERTICES (plural) – the point at which three or more edges meet

Homework for students is determining the number of faces, edges or vertices for a variety of 3-D figures.

3-D Shapes Chart HW for 4-4-2017



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