Thursday, April 6th

We began working on calculating Total Surface Area of a 3-D figure today! Students first learned that they have to break the figure into a “net” or a blueprint of the shape once it’s cut and laid open on a flat surface. In our discussion, we determined that if we find the area of each shape in the net and then add up all those areas, we could give a total surface area of the figure. Here are some examples we did together in class:

Net of cube showing total surface area

Net of square pyramid showing total surface area



Total Surface Area square pyramid & cube HW for 4-6-2017

Makeup Work for Camp McDowell students

So glad the Camp McDowell kids are back with us in class! If your student was out at Camp McDowell, please have them review the attached notes in order to catch up on the skill they missed – faces, edges & vertices. Once they review the attached notes, Camp McDowell students need to complete Tuesday night’s homework. I have also attached a copy of that homework to this blog post.

Faces Edges Vertices

3-D Shapes Chart HW for 4-4-2017