Monday, April 10th & ASPIRE TESTING!!!!!!!

It’s finally here!¬†¬†The ACT ASPIRE test will be administered this week in math & ELA classes! Here is a schedule of testing for my math classes:

Tuesday: 5th period & 3rd period  (part of 7th period students)

Wednesday: 2nd period & 6th period  (part of 7th period students)

Our math students have worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks preparing for the ASPIRE and they are thoroughly prepared for this assessment!  Please ensure your students are well rested each evening this week as testing will extend for the next 4 days!

An ACT ASPIRE Review Packet was given to each student on Friday, April 7th, in an effort to help students recall skills from the fall semester and 3rd nine weeks. The Review packet is an in-class assignment and will be taken for a Silver Grade.  Students have been and will be given ample time in class to complete this assignment. Please encourage your student to work diligently during our class time as extended time will not be given for this assignment.

Have a restful evening!