Tuesday, April 17th and BIG GOLD TEST on Thursday!!!!!!

Today’s focus of study was on calculating Total Surface Area of a Net. A net is the “blueprint” for constructing a 3-D figure. A net is laid out on a flat surface and each portion of the net must be calculated in order to find the surface area of the total figure. We worked extensively today in class to ensure everybody understands how to identify the different shapes in a net, how to calculate their individual areas, and then add everything together to find Total Surface Area. These are the examples we worked together in class:

Classwork examples on Total Surface Area 4-18-2017

For homework, students are to work three total surface area problems. The sheet I gave them displays the solid 3-D shape and it’s net. Students are to use the NET to calculate the total surface area. Please see both attachments:

Total Surface Area of Nets HW for 4-18-2017

Notes on homework sheet 4-18-2017

All our hard work will pay off as students are preparing for a BIG GOLD TEST on Thursday, April 20th! Skills that will be assessed are as follows:

-identifying nets and their corresponding 3-D shapes

-determining perimeter of a figure

-calculatingĀ the area of a figure (everyone should have their formulas memorized!)