Monday, February 26th & BIG GOLD TEST

Students continued with our study of Unit Rates & the Better Deal today in class. We completed a “Let’s Make A Deal” sheet that everyone seemed to enjoy. After a short quiz, we started our classwork “The Better Deal” together but many classes ran out of time and must complete the assignment as homework. Here are the examples most classes did together:

Please have your student complete the rest of the problems on this worksheet. It is a front and back worksheet. This will be an excellent way to begin preparing for Wednesday gold test!


The Best Buy worksheet HW for 2-26-2018

Our next BIG GOLD TEST will be this Wednesday, February 28th! The skills covered will be:

-setting up ratios (with labels)

-writing a rate from the information given in a problem

-setting up a unit rate from a given rate (denominator has to be a 1 in unit rate)

-determining which unit rate is a better deal