Tuesday, February 27th & BIG GOLD TEST TOMORROW

Our students did an excellent job completing The Best Buy worksheet from Monday night! The scores were really good and I believe students enjoyed working on some math that has real world applications!

Wednesday, February 28th, is our Big Gold Test on the following:

-setting up a ratio (with labels)

-writing a rate per the information given in a problem

-calculating a Unit Rate (denominator has to be a 1) from the given rate

-determining which Unit Rate is the better deal or answers the question being asked

A study guide was given in class today and we worked several problems from each section together. Students were given anywhere from 15/20 minutes in class to finish the study guide on their own with the opportunity for me to clarify any questions they may have while working on the guide. Your students math journal is also an excellent resource as they are preparing for tomorrow’s assessment!


Study Guide for Ratios Rates & Unit Rates Feb 2018




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