Tuesday, March 6th & Big Notebook TEST



We began our unit on converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents today in class. The notes were in the form of a foldable and were glued into your students math journal. Here are the conversion notes we took down today:

BIG NOTEBOOK TEST ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students will have a Notebook Test on Wednesday, March 7th. Entries to be considered will range from January 1 – March 6th, 2018. Students who have been out have been encouraged to come into my classroom before school to catch up their missing entries. Many students have taken advantage of this opportunity and their notebooks should be in tip-top shape for our test!

No homework for Tuesday night!!  Enjoy your evening!




Monday, March 5th & BIG NOTEBOOK TEST

I have been preparing students for an entire week to make sure their notebooks are ready for a BIG NOTEBOOK TEST on Wednesday, March 7th. The Notebook Test will cover items from January 1, 2018 until March 6th, 2018. Many students have come before school to sit down with my master copy to make sure their notebook is a mirror image of my notebook. Students who have been absent have been encouraged to come in and get their notebooks all caught up. Some students have done this, some students have not.

No homework on Monday, March 5th! Enjoy your evening!