Tuesday, October 15th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

BIG FRACTIONS GOLD TEST this Friday, October 18th!!!!!!!

We began our Study Guide #4 today in class. We are completing pages 4 & 5 first because they are word problems and I want to work together with my students to ensure everyone understands the procedures for solving these types of problems. There WILL be word problems on the test! That is another reason I want to work with everyone to make sure we identify those “tip off” words and phrases that indicate to us what operation we need in each problem.
(see attached)

Simplifying fractions is still a challenge for many students. To that end, we will continue to practice our strategies at putting fractions into lowest terms! I have attached today’s PowerUps so you can study over our methods of simplifying as you work your study guide.

For homework on Tuesday night, 10-15-2019, please complete all of page 4 and the left-hand column of page 5 for homework! We worked page 4 in it’s entirety together in class, so students should have it completed on their paper. As for page 5, we will check over it in class on Wednesday and then complete the right-hand column together in class. Pages 1, 2, and 3 of the study guide will be distributed Wednesday in class!

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