Thursday, October 31st & GOLD TEST!!!!

Today was a great day! I really enjoyed seeing the students in their Halloween costumes! And I believe the students had a great time in each of their classes! Thank you to the PTO for providing candy for our kids!

Friday in class, we will be working on our study guide! The study guide was distributed on Wednesday in class for students to begin working on it. Our gold test will be MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH!!! Students should review their study guide over the weekend and be ready to turn it in before their test on Monday!

The gold test will assess the following skills:

-writing integers for specific situations
-plotting integers on a numberline
-ordering integers
-calculating Absolute Value (including adding and subtracting)
-identifying points on a coordinate plane
-graphing points on a coordinate plane

I have attached the study guide once again in case anyone needs it!