Fare Thee Well


Dear hearts,

Once you turn in your passion project and give me your honest feedback for eLearning (both under THE END IS NIGH! topic)…you are done with 8th grade ELA. If we were in school right now, we’d be watching Shrek to find archetypes, playing Jinga and Apples to Apples, listening to a class-created playlist of best music, and having class parties to eat all the sugar. We’d be doing special, celebratory, enjoy-being-together-before-OMHS in our final week. Since “nothing gold can stay,” we’d be celebrating our last moments that much more fully, being easy with each other and laughing a whole lot.

* * * Since we are not,
since we cannot,
at least not the same way–
say goodbye like normal,
I have prepared a little
something extra for us

to commemorate our year. * * *

On Wednesday, May 20, you’ll be cleaning out your lockers and I’ll get to see you one last time before summer! (Look at this link for the schedule. You’re parents need to read it, too).

Bye bye bye!

Mrs. H

Update: Meals for All Students

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 9.56.28 AM.png

During this period of school closure, each of the high school locations in the Shelby County School District will be providing meals to all children, ages 18 and under.

  • Meals will be provided each week – on Monday, Tuesday,and Thursday, from 11 a.m. until 12 noon each day.
  • Tuesday and Thursday’s meal pick-up will include additional meals for Wednesday and Friday, respectively.
  • The school staff will have tables set up near the car rider line for parents to drive through and pick up breakfast and lunch meals for the student to be eaten offsite.    

Federal regulations mandate that schools ensure that school meals are provided only to currently enrolled students.   For this reason, we ask that parents have their students in their vehicles when they come to the high school so that school personnel can confirm that meals are only being given to students, as required by USDA guidelines.

How eLearning Works for Mrs. Hutchings’ Google Classroom

Kiddos, here’s the deal: School has never been like this before in living memory. And, I MISS YOU–there was so much left to share with you, to experience with you, to laugh about with you. So, I AM NOT GOING TO STOP. We’re still together…just virtually.

Every Monday, starting April 6, I’ll post 2-3 enrichment activities that covers the most critical learning standards that will prepare you for 9th grade. You’re job is to access them, to figure them out based on what I’ve provided, and to turn them in via Google Classroom before Thursdays at 11:59 p.m. ALL WORK WILL BE IN THE CLASSWORK TAB at the top of our Google Classroom page. I’ll check your work and leave comments Friday – Sunday. Then, the cycle repeats until May 21.
***All comments on G. Classroom must be assignment-related.***

I’ll also post random goodness for laughs or deep thoughts whenever I come across it, kinda like the random tangents we’d get off on during class (remember the albino peacock?!). I’ll answer emails each day. I’m here to help you and your parents. #WeCanDoHardThings

Love y’all, Mrs. Hutchings

P.S. Two of my most favorite quotes (on posters hanging in our classroom) are as follows:

  • Robert Burns wrote, “The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.” –> Best roll with whatever life throws our way b/c no matter how we plan, things change. We got this.
  • Mark Twain said, “Don’t let your schooling interfere with your education.” –> Learning is more than textbooks, so be sure to learn LOTS of stuff outside during this unique time.

Login to Google Classroom with your school email (first.last@shelbyed.org) and your password (###-Scs). If you have questions, troubles, or just wanna talk, email me at shutchings@shelbyed.org.

County Plan for eLearning

Dr. Brooks, our Shelby County school superintendent, has shared this document to answer community questions about how eLearning will work April 6-May 21: PARENT eLEARNING INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN.


Hey, y’all. I MISS YOU. Seriously. This is a weird time–and my world isn’t quite right without y’all in it.

Teachers will have 2-3 weekly lessons posted each Monday in Google Classroom from April 6 until May 21. Students will turn in that work, via Classroom, each Thursday.

If you have issues with technology and/or Internet access, contact our administrators: Mrs. Cruce = ccruce@shelbyed.org and Mrs. Jones = sjones@shelbyed.org. They can get you tapped in to the outpouring of tech help that Shelby County is providing, like checking out Chromebooks and getting access to mobile hotspots.


On Thursday, March 26 at 4 p.m., our governor Mrs. Ivey and our state superintendent Dr. Macke announced that students will not go back to school for the 2019-2020 school year. Also, required e-learning will take place starting Monday, April 6.

What will this look like? What will be required? What if students don’t have internet? What if work isn’t done? What if…SO MANY QUESTIONS. Our county superintendent Dr. Brooks and our administrators are working on these answers.

STAY TUNED. And keep calm. We got this!