Dear Students, 

It’s been a good year. As you move onward in your education, I hope you remember a few things from our time together:

  1. Shakespeare wrote in MODERN English. Bask in the glow of your intellectual superiority.
  2. If it tastes like bitter almonds, call an ambulance…and probably the police. Someone is trying to do you in. Thanks, landlady!
  3. All literature, art, and music reflects pieces of ourselves. We’re all connected because¬†of it!

Stay gold, y’all,

Mrs. Hutchings

A Weird, Random (but important!) Thing

OK, kiddos, as usual, there are too many cool things I wish we could have explored together…but we ran out of time for them in class. What follows is one of those things.

So. Ever wonder what it is about humans makes normal people capable of doing heroic or tragic things? Check out Milgram’s Shock Experiment. Milgram was watching Nazis on trial after WWII, and he repeatedly heard them give this excuse for their atrocities: ” I was only following orders.” He wondered what would make people psychologically believe this was actually a real excuse! His resulting experiment is highly controversial.