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1 - Visit the ATHLETICS TAB on the Montevallo Middle School website for a current 2020 volleyball schedule

2 - Visit for a copy of the covid19 screening tool

Volleyball try-outs will be held during the first week of school in August.  In the meantime, AHSAA is allowing sports to reopen for conditioning workout/practices.  I am contacting students that signed the interest sheet back in the spring to join us Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 9.  (8th grade will practice 8-11) & (7th grade will practice 11 - 1).  If you have not been contacted and are interested, you must contact me either by phone or email.

It is important for any student that is interested in trying out for any sport to register a FREE account on using the code zwcvkp and fill out all required paperwork BEFORE trying out.  If the student attended the physical field trip, we will upload his/her physical along with the birth certificate and sportsmanship class.

Athletic Plan for Montevallo Middle School - Volleyball - 2020

Parents of volleyball players will be contacted individually by head coach, Sheila Jett. Coach will read from the script announcing the start date of volleyball to be Thursday, June 9 and continue every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer until everyday practices begin on July 27. Specific times will be communicated when all participants on the interest list have been contacted and groups have been formed. At this point, Group A (probably 8th graders) will practice 8-10 with an hour break before group B (7th graders) begins 11-1. This will really depend on the number of students committing to coming and have met the requirements.
***Coaches must check that all athletes have a current physical before participating along with opening a dragonfly account and completing the AHSAA concussion and student release forms along with the MMS consent and other demographic information. Coaches should keep in mind not to put students that have not completed these requirements in a group and/or allow them to participate in any capacity until requirements have been met. This may entail creating a new/different group as the summer progresses. It is vital that the original groups not change throughout the summer. It is also important for coaches to communicate that workouts are NOT mandatory, and students will NOT be penalized for missing for any reason. No pressure is to be put on students/families for athletes to attend.
Screening surveys - will be given to coaches and athletes daily. Parents will have been told that if a child doesn’t answer “yes” to all questions, then they should stay home for the day and follow ADH and CDC guidelines outlined on the AHSAA website. Parents will be asked if they have screened their child upon being dropped off and the coaches will check them off on the roster and have the athletes wait by a pole until getting orders to enter the front gym entrance and moving to their assigned spot on the floor. Students will be given the opportunity to wash their hands as soon as the group has entered and everyone is in place. Water bottles will be placed in designated areas that are numbered for specific students to utilize at any time as long as students are not crossing paths and/or entering the area of other persons. Extra bottled water will be purchased for students that forget and/or do not bring their own. Students will be told not to bring any extra items. If extra equipment (balls, ropes, weights, etc. are used, they will be numbered as that a specific child will always use that numbered equipment) Workout equipment will also be sanitized before being used again. They should come dressed and ready to participate. At any point during workouts, a coach may call home for a child to be picked up if she starts exhibiting any of the symptoms outlined on the survey. (Copy of the AHSAA screening survey provided)
Face coverings - will be worn at all times of transition and meetings, especially in common areas. Student athletes and coaches will be allowed to lower/raise the mask while they are working out and in physical exertion to allow for ample oxygen intake. When drills are over and/or students move from their designated area, they must wear their face covering. Ex. In the event a student loses control of a ball and it rolls into someone’s area, the student must retrieve the ball with her face covering up. Students are not recommended to pick up and return the equipment to other students. Face coverings will NOT be provided, and students that do not have a covering will not be permitted to stay. The covering can consist of any type cloth make-shift mask, bandana, or surgical paper-type mask. If a student is given a mask, he/she is required to keep it and NOT return it to the coach.
Physical distancing - will take place as much as possible. When/if students enter areas where 6 feet can’t be maintained, then face coverings will be worn.
Groups - will be maintained throughout the summer for tracking purposes. At no time will members be allowed to interchange groups.
Entry/Exit - will remain consistent throughout the summer workouts. Volleyball players are expected to be dropped off in front of the building/gym at 8am for Group A and 11 am for Group B. No one should get out of their cars until a coach has instructed them where to wait. Once the groups have arrived and starting time approaches, players will be instructed to enter the front gym door (Doors will be propped open during this time to avoid contact as much as possible). If a student arrives late and/or a parent needs to pick a child up early, they should make contact with the head office. Players will exit the building by using the hall door in the 6th grade area and leave through the main school entrance. Coaches will have students wait by their assigned post until their parents arrive, and then coaches will re-enter the gym entrance and begin cleaning the facilities and equipment for the next group.
Multi-sport/activity students that participate in more than one group per day - will be allowed to attend other meetings as long as they bring a change of clothes and wash hands before entering other activity/group areas. If this case exists, we will highlight these students and make sure protocol is followed.
Students and parents will be encouraged to wash clothes immediately upon returning home and also take a shower.
At any point, if a student and/or staff member tests positive for the virus he/she will contact the school and report the illness to the administrators and coaches. The school will be shut down for a period of time.


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  1. Anna N

    Coach Jett how we going to get a permission form for try outs because I forgot to ask you so do I need to ask mrs Nelson for a permission form since your not going to be here tomorrow


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