Tomorrow is your GOLD test on “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto. Study your vocabulary, questions, and plot diagram. It is multiple choice and fill in the blank. You will have a word bank for your vocabulary words.

Spelling 2 Quiz is tomorrow: process, organize, revision, transition, comparison, additionally, finally, grammar, its / it’s

Important reminders

Monday, 8/12 – Three-subject notebook and signed classroom procedures due

Tuesday, 8/13 – Summer Reading assignment due

Wednesday, 8/14 – Summer Reading quiz in class

REMINDER – Gold test grade tomorrow on literary terms. Study with Kahoot and Quizlet on Google Classroom.

Also, bring money for the Scholastic Book Fair tomorrow.

We have had so many absent students due to sickness that I thought it best to post the week’s work here.

Monday – CEC (Claim, Evidence, Commentary) paragraph information with Nearpod (unfortunately, I can’t share this individually with this program; it has to be done live in class). Handout – CEC 2 – Graphic organizer / sample paragraphs with grading rubric.

Tuesday – CEC review, paragraph sorting in groups

Wednesday – Finish Affix 2 presentations as needed. Prepare for Affix 2 quiz with “I Have…Who Has” game and Kahoot.  (This Kahoot can be found on Google Classroom.)

Thursday – Quizlet Live team game for review of Affix 2.  (Quizlet is on Google Classroom.)  Affix 2 quiz.    Root Words 1 handout. Make up quiz upon return. 

Friday Grade Scholastic Scope work from last week. New Scholastic Scope magazine article. Written response – CEC paragraph.  I will be in various meetings at school so I changed the assignment. Students will log into (once on, click “Log in with Google”) and do the assigned readings (Run #1 and Run #2). They should answer all questions, and the written responses should be in complete sentences. After, they should create a Quizlet from the Roots handout. Absent students can log in and do this assignment from home.

Affix 2 Quiz is Thursday. A Quizlet is available on Google Classroom, and we will do a Kahoot and more review in class.

AFFIX 1 QUIZ is tomorrow. You have a chart of the 15 affixes and a Quizlet and a Kahoot on Google Classroom. Study!

RETAKE OPPORTUNITY for the Literary Terms quiz.  You may come to my room on Monday or Tuesday from 3:00 to 3:30 to review and retake the quiz. If you are unable to come during those times, see me to arrange a different time.



The GOLD test on chapters 1 – 5 of A Tale Dark and Grimm is Wednesday, December 5. You should be familiar with all the chapters, settings, and characters. You have a list of questions and Elements of a Fairy Tale (purple sheet) to study.  The test is matching, true/false, and short answer.