We have had so many absent students due to sickness that I thought it best to post the week’s work here.

Monday – CEC (Claim, Evidence, Commentary) paragraph information with Nearpod (unfortunately, I can’t share this individually with this program; it has to be done live in class). Handout – CEC 2 – Graphic organizer / sample paragraphs with grading rubric.

Tuesday – CEC review, paragraph sorting in groups

Wednesday – Finish Affix 2 presentations as needed. Prepare for Affix 2 quiz with “I Have…Who Has” game and Kahoot.  (This Kahoot can be found on Google Classroom.)

Thursday – Quizlet Live team game for review of Affix 2.  (Quizlet is on Google Classroom.)  Affix 2 quiz.    Root Words 1 handout. Make up quiz upon return. 

Friday Grade Scholastic Scope work from last week. New Scholastic Scope magazine article. Written response – CEC paragraph.  I will be in various meetings at school so I changed the assignment. Students will log into Readworks.org (once on, click “Log in with Google”) and do the assigned readings (Run #1 and Run #2). They should answer all questions, and the written responses should be in complete sentences. After, they should create a Quizlet from the Roots handout. Absent students can log in and do this assignment from home.

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