The quiz for Spelling 7 will be tomorrow, 11/30.

friend, ceiling (i before e, except after c, or when sounding like ‘a’ as in neighbor and weigh), fragile, visible, musical, universal, flannel, nickel, accept/except/expect

GOLD TEST on Tuesday, 11/6, covering “The Algonquin Cinderella” and “Yeh Shen.” The test is multiple choice and there is no vocabulary on this one.

Don’t forget you have an opportunity to retake your Spelling 5 quiz tomorrow. The words are in a previous blog post.

Also, all realistic fiction stories should be completed. We will look over those, then turn them in by Friday for our final gold grade. You will receive 5 bonus points by having a parent/guardian go over your rubric and story.

A list of effective transition words for this story will be posted to Google Classroom.

Gold Test on Monday – “Seventh Grade” – Study your questions, your vocabulary, and the plot diagram we did on Google Slides.

Spelling Five words for next week’s quiz:  (i before e except after c) believe, piece, receipt, deceive, calendar, necessary, character, there/their/they’re

Spelling quiz retake opportunity tomorrow. You must write each word for that quiz eight times before retaking. Words can be found on previous posts here.

Don’t forget to study for tomorrow’s gold test! Review your plot diagram definitions and your handouts on genre and characterization.

Spelling 4 Quiz is Wednesday, 9/26. mathematics, diameter, probability, exponent, proportion, dimension, diagonal, immediately, lose/loose

All students should be reading a fiction book. They will receive an assignment for their book next week and will have two days in class to work on it. As they have been told repeatedly, they should have started reading at least last week and be well into the book, but they don’t have to be finished.

Reminder:  Paragraphs due tonight (most of you have already turned these in).  Gold test on Wednesday. I’ll post the study guide on Google Classroom today after school.