Students will be typing their paragraphs in class tomorrow for a gold grade. We have been working on this for several days.  Requirements:  Clear topic sentence, good supporting details with a “something” or a comment about each detail, conclusion sentence in different words, three transition words, good word choice, free of grammatical errors.

Gold test on Wednesday,  September 19. This will cover the writing process, main idea, supporting details, transition words, and paragraph editing. Students will receive a test practice/study guide on Monday.

Spelling 3 Quiz is Thursday. preposition, repetition, cooperation, electrician, politician, language, misspell, library, February, your/you’re

GOLD TEST on “Rikki Tikki Tavi” is Wednesday, September 5. This will include true/false, multiple choice about the story, multiple choice based on literature terms and plot diagram, context clues, and identifying subjects and verbs. We will review and have a practice test on Tuesday, September 4.

Spelling 2 Quiz is Thursday.  literature, genre, mystery, fantasy, horror, autobiography, humorous, business, to/too/two



Spelling 1 Quiz is Friday, August 24.  process, organize, revision, transition, grammar, comparison, additionally, finally, conclusion,  its/ it’s

Go to Google Classroom to study the notes on the writing process for Monday’s quiz.  Have a great weekend!

Reminder:  The summer reading assignment is due tomorrow, 8/14. (There was a mix-up with the earlier date.)

A quiz on the writing process and the paragraph will be next Monday, 8/20.

Welcome back!

Welcome back!  I’m so glad to have you in my class this year. Upcoming dates to know:  Friday, August 10 – Summer reading assignment is due. Also, you need to turn in the class information sheet with parent signatures and emails. 

Monday, August 13 – All students will take a multiple choice quiz on the book you chose for summer reading. 

Students are working on The Outsiders project today and tomorrow.  Projects are due Tuesday night Detailed instructions with examples and grading criteria are on Google Classroom. This is a GOLD grade worth 80 points.

Roots 1 Quiz tomorrow!

Graph (write or draw), auto (self), tempo (time), meter (measure), mit/mis (send), ped/pod (foot, feet), spec (look, see), dict (speak, say), form (shape), fin (end)

Remember to look over all affixes, too!