8th – TEST MONDAY! Lightning Thief Ch. 5 -10/Study comprehension sheets and vocabulary. Be familiar with lit terms discussed. Any book projects not turned in Friday are due MONDAY!
7th – We finished our nonfiction powerpoints (wonderful work) and are back to Hatchet. We finished Ch. 10 today and will have a test after we finish Ch. 13. Students will get vocab on Monday. No homework.

7th grade – Spelling sheet – Nature – due Friday/15 facts from nonfiction book due Monday

8th grade – Read book and/or work on ABC book project.

7th grade – Spelling test Thursday – Aviation       Turn in completed trifold practice for bonus on Thursday

8th grade – ABC project due in two weeks – that will go by quickly.  Be putting work into that project now!

Test Monday!

7th – Hatchet Ch. 1-6 – Study comprehension questions and conflict handout; vocab this time will be context clues
8th – Lightning Thief Ch. 1 – 4; Study comprehension questions and vocab.

All classes should bring books for after the test.
7th – Nonfiction
8th- Fiction + paper to begin ABC books

7th grade – Finish sequencing of plane crash if not done in class
8th – Read your book/work on project

8th grade – Expect Bellwork Check and Notebook Check SOON>

7th grade – Bellwork check coming soon.

7th grade – TEST MONDAY on short story “Seventh Grade.”  Study your answers to questions, characterization, plot diagram, and vocabulary.

8th grade – Anyone who has not presented a book project should be prepared to go on Monday.