While we are away….

I have posted 2 new assignments in Google Classroom along with 2 that were previously posted. At this time, we are not requiring this work to be completed, but it will help to keep up with some work while you are at home. As we have used this in class, there are some practice questions for state testing as well that you can work (and see if your parents can do them).
I miss seeing your sweet smiling faces.

March 9-13

Monday- “George” questions to be completed in class. We are using the audio version some days and independent reading other days.

Tuesday- I am working on notebook checks throughout the week. Students worked on “George” questions and we watched a short video about the motions of Earth.

Wednesday- Students will work on a Google Classroom assignment tomorrow and Thursday.


March 2-6

Monday- We created a layered strata with gravel, different colors of sand, fossils, and glue. Hopefully, they will dry and we can excavate the work from another group to find the fossils buried in the sediment.

Tuesday- we worked on reading comprehension today using an article about fossils from the AMSTI textbook. If you didn’t finish, you have until Friday.

Wednesday- Fossils Guided Reading-

Thursday- “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” We will read this book in class and answer the questions.

Friday- We graded page 73 in class. We will grade page 74 Monday. Instead of a benchmark test, we will work on a project in class. Notebook check will begin Monday.

February 24-28

Monday– 2/24 We used the Chromebooks to practice some test taking tips and to learn how to use the tools that are on our state tests. Homework is to study the DSQ’s for the quiz Wednesday 65-70. You can find the link to the questions at the top of this page.

Tuesday 2/25 My student intern from Montevallo taught class today. He covered the motions of the Earth. We will cover fossils and then return to this subject matter. I am attaching copies of the notes (p.70) and the graphic organizer (p.71). We have DSQ quiz tomorrow on questions 65-70.

Wednesday- We were paleontologists today and excavated for fossils. We will use these fossils to complete an identification chart in our notebook, but we will work on that Friday. The chart will be due Monday.

Friday- We used our fossils to find the era, period, and ages. P.72

February 18-21

Tuesday 2/18- We worked on the carbon cycle seek and find page from Friday (p. 65). I demonstrated weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction and cementation using Cheez-its. We wrote this information on notebook p. 67 and we will finish it tomorrow. We completed the notes on notebook p.66.

Wednesday 2/19- Starburst Lab- We created all of the steps of the rock cycle using starbursts.

Thursday- I returned the last DSQ quiz, completed the last steps of the Starburst Lab (p.68), and completed the graphic organizer (p.67)

DSQ Quiz for questions 65-70 will be Wednesday 2/28.

Friday 2/21- Class activity to learn about fast/slow changes in Earth, constructive/destructive changes on Earth, and man made/natural changes on Earth. Homework is to color graphic organizer page 69.

Quiz Wednesday DSQ’s 65-70

February 10-14

Monday- There will be a DSQ quiz Wednesday on questions 58-64. The questions are on my blog at the top of the page. We are learning about two different types of technology and how to use them. Merge Cubes and Spheros, which includes how to code the Sphero to follow a path. Homework is to prepare for the quiz.

Tuesday- DSQ Quiz tomorrow numbers 58-64. Today we used coding to program Spheros.

Wednesday- 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th periods had their DSQ Quiz today. 3rd and 6th will have it tomorrow. Students are doing a great job learning to code or program the Spheros. No Homework unless you need to study for the quiz.

Thursday was different for each class. Only homework is to make sure you have colored pencils and bring them to class each day.

Friday- The Carbon Cycle- Due Tuesday- No School Monday- The assignments will not attach to my blog at this time. See me Tuesday if I can’t get it to work.
Don’t stress about the seek and find picture. I’ll help tomorrow.

February 3-7

Monday 2/3- We completed the Types of Eruptions notes from Friday. Worked on the Volcanic Activity Chart which is due tomorrow, and also started the Volcanic Land forms foldable. They study guide questions 1-15 are due tomorrow. Test is Friday— If you need the study guide, check the blog post from last week.

Tuesday 2/4- I graded the volcanic Activity chart and we went over questions 1-15 from the study guide. Students who complete the study guide will have access to the correct answers. If you do not make the effort, you will not see my answer key. Homework is to complete 16-20 of the study guide and finish the land form foldable. Each square should have the name of the land form, the example, and the description.

Wednesday 2/5- I checked the red landform foldable today. We checked and corrected numbers 16-20 from the study guide (I think one class didn’t get to this and we will do it tomorrow.) Students worked on study guide numbers 21-30 together. 4 questions can be answered using the foldable and the others were in the textbook. We read each paragraph that covers the information and went over each of the terms. We played a review Gimkit game at the end of class. All students should have completed the study guide by tomorrow. We will make corrections and then review together.

Thursday 2/6-Review game – Volcano Test is tomorrow. Please study all of the information in your notebook and the DSQ’s on volcanoes and the study guide. If students completed their study guides, I gave them a copy of my study guide answer key because we had limited time in class to go over the remainder of the study guide. We played a review game using white boards.

The counselors came in today to talk to the students about course requests for next year. There is a Google form that you will need to access using the information from the yellow paper they gave out today. Class of 2026 in Google Classroom.

Friday 2/7- Volcanoes Test – If you missed the test today, please be prepared to take it Monday. I would suggest taking it before school, because you will miss something fun if you take it during class.

January 27-31

Monday 1/27- We worked on two different activities that need to be completed by tomorrow. If you did not finish, please make sure you do so in order for you to participate in the lab tomorrow. The pages are attached. Types of Volcanoes WS goes on page 57 and the chart goes on page 58. Cut and glue the pictures and facts onto the chart. Use the textbook p. 218-219 and page 57 in your notebook. We discussed the information in class.

Tuesday Tuesday we had a great lab creating volcanoes using melted wax and sand. Please complete the conclusion tonight.

Wednesday- I was away at a PD today. Please complete page 60 by Friday.

Thursday- We completed school wide testing in science.

Friday- Notes on Types of Eruptions- Study Guide 1-15 are due Tuesday.

January 21-24

Tuesday 1/21- We worked on an epicenter activity together in class and there will be a DSQ quiz Friday.

Wednesday 1/22- We folded a volcanic key term “fortune teller” to help with some of our terms. That will go in a pocket on page 53. We also worked on the Volcanoes worksheet during class. We will grade this sheet tomorrow.

Thursday 1/23 We graded and corrected the volcanoes worksheet (nb p.54) the key is attached. Depending on the class, we also worked on the viscosity notes and a demonstration that shows the viscosity of different liquids and how temperature effects the flow. DSQ quiz tomorrow on numbers 53-57.

Friday 1/24 Students completed the DSQ Quiz 53-57. If you were absent, be prepared to take the quiz Monday. Students received a study guide and we completed questions 1-5 only. You can use notebook page 54 to answer 1-5 if you corrected your answers. Glue this onto page 56 and use the next two pages as answer sheets. Do not write your answers on the study guide.