May 6-23

M   5/6- Grade page 93- continue grading notebooks- The “Life” of a Star” notes

T 5/7  We completed the Star notes from yesterday and students worked with a partner to complete the Star Systems and Galaxies work.

W 5/8- Field Day – We finished the Star Systems and Galaxies page, made sure that all of our “George” questions were completed, and checked to make sure that we have all of the DSQ’s.

Th 5/9 I did not see my 6th period class yesterday, so we did the tasks from 5/8. All other classes examined photos from the Hubble Space telescope and watched part of a video about black holes.

F 5/10 –  Study Guide is Due Monday – If you were out with the band today, you should have picked this up at my door. You may print the attachment. Use your notebook pages 93-96 to answer the questions. Notebooks and DSQ’s will be graded.

M 5/13- Grade study guide- IF you do not have your study guide completed, you will not see and answer key.

T 5/14- Review for test

W 5/15  Science Benchmark

Th 5/16  Math Benchmark–Begin egg lander

F 5/17     Work with a partner to develop a plan for the egg lander that we will make next week in class. Please don’t go out and buy anything for the project. Have supplies in class.

M 5/20- Use class time to build your egg lander. 5 points will be deducted if you do not bring your supplies to class.

T  5/21  We will use class time to finish building our egg landers and we will bring all supplies home today.

W 5/22   Launch the egg landers—- Clean out lockers

Th 5/23- Last Day of school — We will dismiss at 1:00 -Have a great summer!

April 22-26

Monday- 4/22 we spent time in class finishing the outer planet foldable from last week. If you didn’t finish, you should have brought a textbook home. Starting on page 720, write 6 facts for each of the 4 outer planets. We will start working on the solar ovens tomorrow, so make sure you bring a shoebox if you haven’t already.

Tuesday 4/23- We started working on our solar ovens in class today. Homework on solar energy is due Thursday. See below: You may draw your picture on the 1/2 sheet of paper provided or on the back of the notebook paper.

Wednesday- We worked on our solar ovens. Solar energy paragraph and picture are due tomorrow.

Test Tuesday– April 8-12

Monday 4/8- Review games to prepare for the test tomorrow. Students have a study guide with their answers corrected.

Tuesday 4/9- Test

Wednesday 4/10- Moon landing video- Please bring a shoebox to school with your name on it by 4/19. The following week, we will make solar ovens.

Thursday 4/11-

Introductory activity for the study of the sun. Vitamin D group summary and presentation.

Google Classroom assignment- Use pages 701-705 to complete the assignment. Pictures of the pages are attached.

April 1-5– Test Tuesday!

Monday 4-1 If you have not earned a 16/16 on your moon phase quiz, be prepared to take it tomorrow. We covered tides today and took one page of notes to go along with the reading and discussion. Homework is to answer questions 19-21 on the study guide. You will have a test next week. It would be a great idea to begin studying now, because we have graded and corrected all of the study guide questions so far.

Tuesday 4-2- We graded some George questions, graded some of our study guide questions and corrected the study guide. We will have our big test Tuesday 4/9. Please start studying now since your study guide has been completed and corrected as we moved through our information. We will complete the study guide by Thursday.

Wednesday 4-3 We completed the Moon Facts notes and questions 23-25 on the study guide. We also worked on Space Travel today using the textbook.

moon facts answers

Thursday 4-4- Students completed the Space Travel sheet in class. If you did not finish, you will need to take a textbook home with you. Also complete study guide questions 26-31. We will grade both of these things tomorrow. Big test is Tuesday.

Textbook pages 684-691 

Space Travel  

Friday 4-5–We graded the Space Travel sheet and the remainder of the study guide. We corrected the study guide. Test is Tuesday.

March 18-22

Monday 3/18- We read “George” chapters 18-19 independently. We graded and corrected study guide questions 6-14. We watched a great video on gravity and inertia. No Homework

Tuesday 3/19- We completed the Phases, Eclipses, and Tides notes today (attached), modeled the phases of the moon using a light and a Styrofoam ball on a stick.


Wednesday 3/20- Key Terms word search (notebook p. 81), moon phases-fold out (notebook p. 82). We will have a quiz tomorrow on the moon phases. If you missed class today due to choir, you are responsible for this work as well and the quiz as well.

Word Search- Space Word Search

Thursday 3/21- Our counselor spoke with your class for about 10 minutes about a program called “Shelby Cares”. You completed study guide questions 15-18 and we took a moon phase quiz. You will take and retake this quiz until you earn a 16/16. If you miss any, please study and take the quiz the following day. We also started on chapter 20 in our “George” book.

Friday 3/22-

  • Agenda Check
  • Retest if you didn’t make a 16/16 on the moon phase quiz
  • Check Word Search
  • George Questions


March 11-15

Monday 3/11-

  • We read two chapters in our “George” book and answered 4 comprehension questions.
  • We worked on page 75 in our notebooks. The first page was started Thursday and students could work with the people at their table. The second sheet was given today in class. Both pages should be completed by tomorrow. The answers on the first page must be written in complete sentences and the answers must restate the questions. Example: Why does the Earth have seasons? the Earth has seasons because…..

Tuesday 3/12-

  • We are practicing reading comprehension skills using various space related articles. We are starting on a study guide in class and working our way through it as we cover the information. The test is not scheduled yet, because we have only covered one section of the information. Students should complete numbers 1-5 tonight if they did not finish in class.

Wednesday 3/13-

  • George chapters 14-15 with questions
  • Graded study guide questions 1-5
  • I graded the first page of 75 and we graded the second one together.
  • Some classes started the “Gravity and Inertia” notes today.
  • Gravity and Inertia notes

Thursday 3/14

  • We are demonstrating our learning target each day to see if everyone can determine the season based on the tilt of the Earth’s axis. They are also telling us if it is a solstice or equinox and the date, and the amount of daylight hours compared to night time hours.
  • We listened to chapters 16-17 from George and answered a few comprehension questions.
  • We completed the gravity and inertia notes (attachment on the post from yesterday)
  • Gravity and Motion worksheet (some classes did not get to this, and some did) You should know if it is homework or not.

Friday 3/15

  • We worked on our study guides in class covering questions 6-14. If you did not complete these questions, please do so by Monday.
  • We graded the homework from last night.

March 4-8

Monday-  3/4- Graded George questions (Ch. 3-7) and learned about rotation and revolution.  Please study these terms and know the motions of the Earth.

Tuesday- We had a quiz on the information from yesterday. We covered “seasons” today. We read information, demonstrated with the globe, and took notes. There will be another quiz tomorrow that will cover Motions of the Earth and seasons.

Wednesday- 3/6- We had a quiz on seasons, rotation, and revolution. We read some of our “George” book and answered comprehension questions. We also watched a short video on seasons. We will grade the “George” questions tomorrow and I will collect the grades for all of the questions that we have graded.

February 25-March 1

Monday 2/25- We read chapters 3-4 in the “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” book and answered 3 questions. We also started on our solar system scale model project. No Homework

Tuesday 2/26- Students worked with their groups today to create the planets for the solar system project. We are working on this project in lieu of a benchmark test. No Homework.

Wednesday 2/27- Hopefully, we will complete the scale of the solar system project today. 4th period may need part of the day tomorrow. No homework.

Thursday 2/28- We are finishing up the solar system project today. No homework

Friday 3/1

Feb. 19-22

Monday- 2/18 No School – Title Pages are due tomorrow. Assigned last Wednesday.

Tuesday-  2/19  We used the sedimentary “rocks” where we buried the fossils to now excavate for those fossils. No Homework

Wednesday- 2/20 We are reading “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” in class and answering questions as we go. We covered chapter 1 today in class. We also completed the pocket solar system in preparation for our scale model of the solar system. Some classes started the math portion of scaling the sizes of the planets and the distances of the planets from the sun.  No homework

Thursday- 2/21 – We read chapter 2 of “George” and answered the comprehension questions. We started our scale of the solar system project together. We will work in groups during class. No homework, unless your class needed to complete the conversions for the planet sizes. If we didn’t get that far, we will work on it together.

Friday-2/22-Students will take two surveys during class and we will work on the scale of the solar system. Students will use the pocket solar system and the planet dimensions from class to determine which item from a bag of items best models each planet’s size.

Middle/High Student Inventory:

Middle/High Student Climate & Culture Survey:



February 11-15

Monday-Google Expeditions- Also, make sure your work form Friday is complete.

Tuesday- Graded the guided reading from Friday- examined the casts and molds of fossils that we created and also buried fossils in sedimentary rock.

Wednesday- We completed our sedimentary rocks today with our fossils layered in them. We started our study of Space by beginning a title page.  The title page is due Tuesday. We will use more class time tomorrow to make sure we know what to draw.

Thursday- 2/14- Students had time to work on their Space title pages during class and then we made a “pocket solar system”. See me if you were absent on instructions for the “pocket solar system”.  Title pages are due Tuesday. If you forgot your notebook, follow the instructions above on a piece of paper and glue it into your notebook.