November 4-8

Open Notebook Test Wednesday!

Monday 11/4- We read pages 587-595 and worked on the “storms” pages from notebook p. 34. These pages will be very helpful on the open notebook test.

Tuesday 11/5- We corrected our storms page and put tabs on our notebooks pages that will be needed for the open note test tomorrow.

Wednesday 11/6- Open notebook test- DSQ quiz Thursday on just 4 questions # 29-32

Thursday 11/7- Introduction into our study of plate tectonics. No Homework

Friday 11/8-No Homework! No School Monday!

Oct 28-Nov 1

Monday- 10/28- We learned how to interpret weather map symbols today. Please complete page 29 if you didn’t finish in class.

Tuesday 10/29- Students wrote in the answers to page 29 on the projector and they corrected any wrong answers on their own paper. We also practiced reading weather maps.  DSQ quiz Thursday on questions 24-28

Wednesday 10/30- We learned more about reading weather map symbols by working through page 31 together in class. We learned the difference between a tornado watch and warning. If you did not complete page 32 with the supplies needed during a tornado warning and also a drawing and description of your safe place, please finish for homework. We will have a DSQ quiz tomorrow on questions 24-28.

Thursday 10/31-DSQ quiz and the modeling of a vortex. We will have an open notebook test Wednesday Nov. 6th.

Friday 11/1- We completed the vortex model and worksheet. We also worked with a small group to complete the first page of the “Storms” guided reading. We will finish this next week. If it is not completed in class Monday, it will be homework. You have an open notebook test WEdnesday. It is up to you to make sure you have everything you should have.

Oct. 21-25

Monday -We worked on the air masses and fronts poster project with a classmate. We will finish the posters tomorrow and present Wednesday. You have a DSQ Quiz Thursday on questions 19-23.

Tuesday- We worked on the poster projects and practiced what to say when presenting to the class tomorrow. Include the type of front, “when it happens”, tell us the weather it brings and point it out on your poster, and show us the weather map symbols on your poster. DSQ quiz Thursday on questions 19-23.

Wednesday- We presented posters today in class and illustrated each type of front on notebook page 27.  DSQ quiz tomorrow on numbers 19-23.

Thursday-Students took the DSQ quiz today and we worked on reading weather maps. Complete page 27 for homework.

Friday- We used to complete a weather map for today and watched Storm Chasers.

Oct. 15-18

Tuesday- We created a graphic organizer for our notes on the water cycle and also glued in a sheet to complete after the notes. Notes are attached and you can pick up the other sheet from the missed work folder. Kites are due tomorrow. Please see the attachment from last Thursday if you need the global wind names and descriptions. If you need to use my stapler, that is fine.

Wednesday-We completed the 2nd part of our page 24 notes, turned in kites, and started on air masses and fronts notes. We have a DSQ quiz tomorrow on questions 14-18 and it is not open notebook.

Thursday- Most classes needed to complete the air masses and fronts notes today. We will begin a poster using this information on Monday.

Friday- STEM challenge- Fun day today building boats and seeing how many pennies they would hold. We had some great engineering and one boat held 62 pennies! Please return your signed report card to your 1st period teacher Monday.

October 7-10

Monday-Reading comprehension passage and questions. Please see me if you did not finish and you can take it to advisory or take it home.

Tuesday-We finished our “Wind Notes” page 23 today and we will use this information to answer the questions and create illustrations to show understanding of the cause of wind- both locally and globally. IF you did not complete your notes, please copy the attached notes onto your page 23. Do not put MY notes in your notebook (unless you have special permission)

Wednesday- Most students completed the work portion of the kite today in class and I graded it. You may color only after I have graded the work. Homework is to complete the written portion and the illustrations, but do not color.  

Thursday- Completed kites are due Wednesday. Attached are the global wind names and descriptions for the bows. You can staple the bows to the ribbon in class if you don’t have a stapler at home.

Sept. 30-Oct. 4

Monday 9/30- We discussed convection currents, took notes, and illustrated sea breezes and land breezes (4th and 6th period will finish Wednesday).  I will be away from school tomorrow at a Science professional development. Attached are notes from today. Open note DSQ test is Thursday.

Tuesday- Students worked on a graphic organizer in class. No Homework

Wednesday- Students continued to work on the graphic organizer today. They have an open note DSQ test tomorrow, but will be able to work on the graphic organizer after the test.  Please come in the morning before school tomorrow or Friday if you need more time to work on it. 

Thursday OPEN NOTE DSQ TEST- Please come to my room in the morning if you need to finish notebook page 22 (both pages).

September 23-27

Monday 9/23- Energy in the Atmosphere notes sheet- Attached you will find the notes from today and the blank notes page. If you were absent, copy the notes. Do not put my copy in your notebook. 

Tuesday 9/24- We did a lab that took the entire class time today. We are collecting data on how land and water heat during the day and cool at night. These differences in heating and cooling cause the convection currents that we are learning about. If you were absent, please pick up the lab sheets tomorrow. You will need to copy the data that was collected during your class period. No Homework

Wednesday 9/25- We used the data from our lab today to plot points on a graph. You should have 20 points plotted for soil and 20 points plotted for water. Connect the soil points with a solid line and the water points with a dotted line. I am attaching a  picture of the graph from one class, but each class had different data to graph.

Thursday 9/26- We had a good day of labs! You have 2 lab assignments to complete for homework. The first is the conclusion on page 20 and the second is an explanation and drawing for the lab on page 21. See attached.

September 16-20

Monday 9/16-  We took notes on page 15 about air pressure. These notes will answer numbers 6-9 on the study guide. We worked for the remainder of class to complete the study guide, because it is due tomorrow. Only students who have completed the study guide will see a copy of the answer key to correct their papers.

Test is Thursday

Tuesday 9/17- We graded the study guide in class for a 14 point bronze grade. IF students completed the study guide they received an answer key to help them study. I will not post the answer key. Any information from pages 8-15 could be on the test as well as the DSQ’s having to do with atmosphere.  We will play a review game tomorrow and the test is Thursday.

Wednesday- 9/18- We played a review game in class today to help everyone prepare for the test.  Study notebook page 8-15, the study guide, and the Daily Science Questions in your notebook. I have posted an updated copy of the DSQ’s on this blog. Click “DSQ” at the top of this page.

September 9-13

Monday- We completed notes from Thursday (attached) and went over the quiz from Thursday as well. Homework is to finish the worksheet from Friday. Students checked out textbooks as needed. If you forgot to get a book, have your parents write a pass to my room in the morning to get your work done. EAET if work is not complete.

Tuesday- 9/10- We graded the air pressure worksheet (page 12) and started on our heat transfer demonstrations. No homework

Wednesday- We reviewed the heat transfer demonstration from yesterday, which was radiation. We went on to complete the demonstrations. We also learned to read thermometers in preparation of a lab next week. We will probably have our test next Thursday or Friday. Homework is to make sure your notebook is ready for a notebook check. If you have been absent, make sure you are taking care of your make-up work in a timely manner. I have attached the table of contents.

Thursday 9/12- Students took the Performance Series computerized test today. It acts as a pretest and allows us to address certain areas where more attention is needed.  I will continue with notebook checks tomorrow.

Friday- 9/13- We glued in an air pressure notes page that we will cover Monday. We also glued in our study guide for the upcoming science test. The test will be Thursday. Study guides are due Tuesday. We worked on the study during class. Each class had at least 35 minutes to work on the study guide.

September 3-6

Monday -No School

Tuesday- Quiz Thursday on page 8 notes- Today we worked on our atmosphere foldable. Please complete your Mesosphere and the outside of the foldable (including temperature ranges, air density, and altitude).

Wednesday- We highlighted the rest of our facts for the foldable and we wrote them down to be placed in the foldable. We discussed what takes place in the ionosphere and the exosphere. We looked at pictures of auroras and satellites and talked about the uses of satellites. The completed foldable is due Friday and the quiz on the information from page 8 is tomorrow. My notes (What, Why Where) are on this blog from last week.

Thursday- We took a 52 point quiz on the information from page 8 and started on notes for mass, density, and pressure. Foldables are due tomorrow.