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Paper Rater

Before the students turn that paper into you, have them submit it to Paper Rater. It is a free site that will help your students find spelling, grammar, and usage errors. It will analyze the lenght of sentences and look for plagiarism. This gives them a chance to fix errors and include citations that are needed.

Paper Rater

Example game board.

Gimkit is a learning game your students will love. The teacher puts in questions/answers or can use Quizlet to pull sets to use as the game questions. The students earn money for correct answers and lose money for wrong ones. Once they have earned enough money, they can go shopping. They may buy upgrades and powerups. It may be used as homework, too. When they are finished, the teacher gets detailed reports where the class/student is weak.

XtraMath is a free website to help students improve their basic math skills. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is very easy to sign up and teachers may quickly create their own classes. The student will be given a pin to use as their password and the teacher has a copy of all pin numbers. At the start, a short placement quiz is given to get the students to the problems they need to practice. I only allows for about a 10 minute practice a day whether at home or at school.

A new school year is beginning and here are some tools your students can use to get off to a great start.

  1. Students can create a graphic or video in Adobe Spark to introduce themselves.
  2. Students can share their voice with Flipgrid. They can even integrate their Adobe Spark graphic or video into Flipgrid.
  3. Students can review previously learned standards using Gimkit in a game like format.
  4. Students can share about their summer reading through a #Booksnap. They can make one of their favorite passage or the most interesting one.
  5. Students can interact with our new program,, to meet their Digital Literacy Computer Science standards. (K - 8)

The Snipping Tool is a major time saver. When you need to save a portion of a page, you can snip it.  It can be found  on your Windows machine by clicking on the magnifying glass on your task bar and searching for Snipping Tool. It is a desktop app. When it comes up in the search, click on it and its toolbar will open. tool bar for snipping tool

It has 4 modes of snipping. The free-form mode was used for the snip below.list of snipping tool modes


nearpodNearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool for your classroom. nearpod1The teacher can develop presentations that can contain Quiz's, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, and direct links to Web Content. Many ready-to-teach lessons are also available. It is great for small-group or whole-class activities. Each child must have their own device. The free version is sufficient for most, but a more expanded version is available for an annual fee.

Digital Learning Day Friday July 20

Please join us on Friday, July 20th for 3 interesting classes on tools you or your students may use this year.

First, up at 9:00 am is Create a Spark for Learning - a quick introduction to using Adobe Spark. You and your students can make posters, pages, or videos that look professional with a few simple choices.

Next, at 10:00 am is 3, 2, 1, Action (Tools for Recording your Lessons) - tools for a new way to deliver content to your students or an easy way for students to share their learning.

Finally, at 11:00 am is Chrome Apps & Extensions - find out which apps and extensions may make your life easier and engage your students.

Note: Once you join, if you are a Shelby County teacher, you need to make sure you sign up in PDExpress to get PD credit for the classes. We will leave the classes open in PDExpress until the end of the day on Friday so you may sign up.

Also, Shelby County teachers need to check that they have turned on Right Recommendations so the chat window will show during the presentation. Click the blue extension (see red circle below) and make sure the Right Recommendations slider is on ( see arrow below).

Hide Recommendations drop down.